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Random Thought For Discussion

July 4, 2007

I had the following idea/thought come to my mind:

In order to make empty or false ideas seem plausible, the devil mixes the idea with truth. Instead of falling into the trap of accepting the idea as is, or the other trap of throwing the idea, and anything that even resembles the idea (including the potential truth) out, we should instead be discerning and extract and keep the truth, while leaving out the error.

What do you think? Is this inspired, erroneous, or does it need to be refined to a purer level of truth?


Invasion of the Body Scanners

March 6, 2007

I also ran across this article, which while not nearly as amusing to me as the last one, is quite interesting.

Invasion of the Naked Body Scanners

Basically, expect to see a change in major airports in their security checkpoints.  The metal detectors are becoming a thing of the past, and “backscatters” are coming in.

While many might object to this type of screening, I think it is a great improvement to the current system.  Like the article states, it can detect things that normal metal detectors wouldn’t, like ceramic knives and liquid explosives.  The only real disturbing part of this would be thinking about some pervert airport screener checking you out from 500 ft and numerous walls away, but then TSA probably screens their employees to weed that sort of thing out.

Know that this system isn’t perfect.  Where their is a will, their is a way.  Terrorists will up the bar once again, but these measures might be enough to keep the novices and wanna-be terrorists out of our planes.  Terrorists will need to rely on figuring out common enough materials that could combine together to make weapons, and I’m sure they already have.  So we are stuck at an apparent catch 22 with another freedom sliding through our fingers.


Alaska Moose Brings Down Helicopter

March 5, 2007

I was having a pretty crappy day at work this evening, and so I decided to jump online and see what I could find.

Very soon afterwards, I stumbled on this story, entitled Alaska Moose Brings Down Helicopter and it gave me a short chuckle amongst all the aggravations here at work.

Hopefully it will do the same for you.


(Note: I am humored by the irony and headline more than the actual outcome of this event.)


Victorious in my Quest!

March 3, 2007

Today I am proud to say that I have accomplished a task that has bothered me for some time. This may sound dumb to some of you, but it really was something that was a thorn in my side for the last little while, well it really started around the day I moved away from Canada.

While I have had some glimmers of hope shine through the dark time I have been down here, I can now say confidently, at least in part, that a quest of mine is complete—and successful.

What was this quest of mine that I so recently became victorious in? I now know of a store down in this area (and the only one I know of in the whole country) that sells Smarties, specifically Nestle Smarties. Why is this specific brand different? What make Nestle Smarties better than the rest of them? Because Nestle smarties are not “American” smarties, they are “Canadian” smarties. They are not some compressed sugar candy, like Americans know Smarties. Really, the closest equivalent in the U.S. to the Canadian Smartie is the inferior M&M.

So why can I only say “in part”? Well as of now, I don’t know of anywhere in the valley that sells my other favorite Canadian junk food item, the Ketchup chip. Sure some of you are thinking I am wierd, but I love this flavor of potato chip. For a short period of time (I think Boise may have been a test market), a ketchup chip appeared and was sold in stores down here, but alas it wasn’t successful enough to stay.

If any of you know of a place I can get Ketchup chips in the valley, or of a store that might have them, I’d LOVE to know about it!!

And while I wait for any leads on where my next Canadian junk food favorite will pop up, I will at least be able to say with confidence, “Yes, I have my Smarties, and I do eat the red ones last!”


Christ on Earth

February 19, 2007

I will have to admit that I found this little nugget over at my cousin Justin’s blog, and I felt like I had to share it because it is so ludicrous.

There are so many things I could pull out of this video that are un-Christlike it isn’t even funny, but I will limit myself to two:

1. When Christ was here on earth he shunned earthly wealth and posessions, and so if our friend in question really was our Lord and Savior returned, I doubt he would accept such highly valued gifts as a several thousand dollar ring (make that three of them) for the reason that you can’t refuse gifts from your congragation. If Christ were alive today, he would thank the giver for the offer of the gift, and then refer him/her to instead use the money to help others.

2. Also in this clip, an expert on cults gives an assessment of this congregation, and in fact, labels them a cult. (Way to go! Tell it like it is.) A members weak rebuttal to the news, “. . . we don’t even have documentation of who our members are, and so how can we be a cult?” Let me clue you in to something: By discrediting the Old Testament and by claiming your leader is Christ returned (or at the very least better than Jesus) are two blatent clues to you being a cult. Who cares if you don’t care how many members you have. Not all cults are bent on killing their members.

Bonus 3: Our friend in question makes the statement that he is better than Jesus because he speaks wisdom and revelation whereas Jesus only spoke in parables.

I guess I am not looking at the same sermons of Jesus as he is, but just earlier this month I opened my Bible to the sermon on the mount, which is as plain and simple as sermons come. It begins with its most famous section, known as the Beatitudes, which speaks pretty plainly in my mind. It doesn’t make alot of sense looking at it as a backdrop for today’s world, but if given the chance, it stands true. It then moves into witnessing and personal relationships, where he challanges his listeners to live above the letter of the law and not just to it. It goes on for two chapters and wherever there is something remotely vague, an example follows it to help clarify.

In fact, just re-reading the two chapters of the sermon on the mount (Matt. 5-6) clearly expose this group of “believers in something” to not being everything they claim to be.

Sadly, I doubt this will be the last time I hear about this group of people. He’s out to “change the whole world” but I guarantee you he won’t be changing it for the better.

Anything to add?