The ‘P’s in my Shape

March 27, 2007

I just realized that I never finished writing my shape series, so to keep all of you who are following along interested, here are the ‘P’s in my shape.

For most “shape” profiles P has been expanded out as personality. For me I am an introverted guy, who is kinda geeky and a little nerdy. I don’t open up very fast to others and I am very loyal to the close friends who I do make.

However, the P in this sermon series did not stand for personality. It stands for partner, as in finding a ministry to partner with. In defining the areas of ministry, we loosely take the list from the one included in Ephesians 4:11–>apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, & teachers.

Here’s how the list gets broken down and applied to today’s church:

Prophets: Those through whom God speaks. They work in the “Worship” ministry facilitating the experiencing of God both corporately and individually. Some specific areas that are included in this are the music ministry, the audio/visual tech team.

Evangelists: Preachers of the gospel. These folk are invloved in the “Outreach” ministry area and love on people to bring them to Christ. Any area that seeks out people in order to bring them to Christ falls under this area, like community events designed to meet un-churched people, or church events designed to attract people from the community.

Pastors: Shepherds for the community. The task of a shepherd of that day were to watch for and defend against enemies trying to attack the sheep, to heal the wounded and sick sheep, to find and save lost sheep, and to love and share their lives with the sheep. The modern day equivalents are grouped together under “Member Care/Fellowship” ministries. Examples of these include ministries that help guests and regulars feel welcome while at church, and ministries that help the body feel and stay connected with each other.

Teachers: Those who teach others concerning the things of God and the duties of man. This area are those ministries that focus on growing the body. Examples include small group ministries, prayer ministries, and often times mens’ and womens’ ministries.

Apostles are a harder category to modernize, but in a nutshell these are the people who work to start ministries where there are needs and no ministry in place. An organized form of this ministry would be one that focuses on empowering others to live fulfilled lives withing their shape, and/or a ministry that helps connect others to the ministry of their calling.

Of the areas of ministry included above, I feel most called towards the “hard to define” apostle category. When looking at my administrator/server/giver spiritual gift, it makes sense (at least in my mind) that I would be very well suited to the apostle area. Currently, I am helping out or spearheading several different pretty unrelated areas in the Experience.

In my mind, the areas that I am spearheading, one of which is trying to get the sermons back online and available for download, are areas that I would ideally pass on to someone else once I get all the kinks worked out and a system in place. I know not everyone is up for the challenge of starting something, but if given the opportunity to keep an area going, some might view that as being more appealing.

What is your calling? What ministry do you lean towards?


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