Technical: The A in my Shape

March 6, 2007

So far I have learned that my Spiritual gift is an administrator-server-giver and that my Heart/passion is for efficiency. Now I come to the letter A, which is short for Abilities. From the way I see my abilities, most all of them can be grouped under the broad category of “Technical.”

While growing up, I was able to very quickly grasp technical ideas and understand how they fit together. Things such as computers (both hardware & software), sound systems, audio/visual equipment, and most other things I was, and still am, able to learn with minimal difficulty.

When I mix my efficiency passion with my technical abilities, I usually am very quick to discover better ways of doing things, and if I tack on my secondary gift of server, it takes virtually any task I do and will either shorten the time, increase the quality, or do some combination of both. This is often shown at work when I can usually be found multi-tasking up to six projects at once.

When my H and A letters mix with my administrator primary gift, things don’t always go as well. I don’t know why this is. Maybe it is a self-fulfilling negative mindset towards administrating or leading. Maybe it is the public and extroverted nature usually associated with administrators clashing with my actual extremely introverted and shy self. It may even be something as small as never being taught or shown how to lead, if that is a “learnable” skill, or something in the back of my head making me think that if I do lead then either people won’t follow, or that people won’t like me because of it.

One of the biggest ways to piss me off is to agree to go out and do something, or agree to meet me somewhere and then bail out without calling to tell me beforehand, or at the very least before I have waited too long for you.

At any rate, my abilities tend to lean towards most anything that doesn’t involve people or leading. I pick up on things pretty quick and work well behind the scenes. I remember on one occasion, being dropped, at the last minute, into a position where I was coordinating tech stuff for a drama that was moved indoors and needed the stuff run. This situation was very ironic and unique because it landed me in charge and all the people who would normally be my bosses followed my point.  Afterwards, the guy who would have normally been my boss came to me and told me that I did a good job coordinating.

This situation may be a glimpse of where I am called to, but right now it seems far out of my element.  Time will tell.


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  1. Hummm Interesting!

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