Invasion of the Body Scanners

March 6, 2007

I also ran across this article, which while not nearly as amusing to me as the last one, is quite interesting.

Invasion of the Naked Body Scanners

Basically, expect to see a change in major airports in their security checkpoints.  The metal detectors are becoming a thing of the past, and “backscatters” are coming in.

While many might object to this type of screening, I think it is a great improvement to the current system.  Like the article states, it can detect things that normal metal detectors wouldn’t, like ceramic knives and liquid explosives.  The only real disturbing part of this would be thinking about some pervert airport screener checking you out from 500 ft and numerous walls away, but then TSA probably screens their employees to weed that sort of thing out.

Know that this system isn’t perfect.  Where their is a will, their is a way.  Terrorists will up the bar once again, but these measures might be enough to keep the novices and wanna-be terrorists out of our planes.  Terrorists will need to rely on figuring out common enough materials that could combine together to make weapons, and I’m sure they already have.  So we are stuck at an apparent catch 22 with another freedom sliding through our fingers.


One comment

  1. hmm you have a really good point there CAM! Well hopefully this will have to be as far as it’ll go. Only like three airports have them right now they’re working on more. anyway have a good one. I enjoy your blogs btw..

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