Victorious in my Quest!

March 3, 2007

Today I am proud to say that I have accomplished a task that has bothered me for some time. This may sound dumb to some of you, but it really was something that was a thorn in my side for the last little while, well it really started around the day I moved away from Canada.

While I have had some glimmers of hope shine through the dark time I have been down here, I can now say confidently, at least in part, that a quest of mine is complete—and successful.

What was this quest of mine that I so recently became victorious in? I now know of a store down in this area (and the only one I know of in the whole country) that sells Smarties, specifically Nestle Smarties. Why is this specific brand different? What make Nestle Smarties better than the rest of them? Because Nestle smarties are not “American” smarties, they are “Canadian” smarties. They are not some compressed sugar candy, like Americans know Smarties. Really, the closest equivalent in the U.S. to the Canadian Smartie is the inferior M&M.

So why can I only say “in part”? Well as of now, I don’t know of anywhere in the valley that sells my other favorite Canadian junk food item, the Ketchup chip. Sure some of you are thinking I am wierd, but I love this flavor of potato chip. For a short period of time (I think Boise may have been a test market), a ketchup chip appeared and was sold in stores down here, but alas it wasn’t successful enough to stay.

If any of you know of a place I can get Ketchup chips in the valley, or of a store that might have them, I’d LOVE to know about it!!

And while I wait for any leads on where my next Canadian junk food favorite will pop up, I will at least be able to say with confidence, “Yes, I have my Smarties, and I do eat the red ones last!”


One comment

  1. Yes Cam!!!
    Your a true blooded Canadian. I can almost taste those Smarties now.

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