Efficiency: The H in my Shape

February 25, 2007

For the past few weeks, The Experience has been doing a series on discovering your shape, which, to define in a few words, means discovering how God wired each of us. It involves more than just looking at what spiritual gifts and talents he has given, but also looking at what the vision or passion I have is. It is trying to find out what brings me alive inside, because in part, that the things that make me feel alive should be what I should be doing.

“H” stands for Heart, or as some would define it passion. This is the second element in understanding where I should focus my energy. Most people would agree, in fact, I doubt anyone would disagree with me when I say that someone working outside of his/her passion would be unfulfilled and not be very happy. At the very least, for me, when I have been working outside of my passion, I have felt empty, or kinda like a piece of me is not clicking right with what I am doing, and rarely if ever am I excited about it.

There are two different types of passion according to this study: Innate passions, which are the things that excite us naturally and come easy to us; and Spiritual passions, which is basically the call God has placed within us and is almost ludicrous in nature. Often times these two types of passion are combined in one way or another, or sometimes by looking at our Innate passion, we can sometimes glimpse what our Spiritual passion might be. The broad types of Spiritual passions are passions for people, passions for roles or functions, and passions for a cause. (Let me know if you are interested in learning more, I can write it up in a separate blog with more details or reply directly to you.)

This series, particularly this piece, has revolutionized how I view me. I looked at many of the things that I have been passionate about in the past, and they all seem kinda disjointed, ranging anywhere from trying to get two virtually opposite churches to work together in focus (which didn’t work, but for other reasons which I won’t go into here) to working in a computer lab that was cut off from Internet access, by my choice and significant vote; from building a custom database that would manage employees and customers to working with sound equipment and behind the scenes tech stuff in drama productions, concerts, and church services. This all looks rather broad and unrelated, until you look at it through the eye of effeciency; until you can see that in all these areas, a good degree of efficiency is needed to be successful, and in my case, almost everything has been.

So what great plans are there before me with my new-found passion? I really don’t know. I haven’t thought that far ahead. I am sure God will lead me where he wants me to go. I still have three letters in my shape left to discover. I do know that God has placed me in the perfect place to practice and grow in efficiency, in work but probably more likely within church. I don’t know why, but I do know that God placed me with The Experience, and as those of you who have visited or attend there, it is stretching almost every preconceived idea about how church should be—especially within our denomination.

One idea that has come from this passion I have discovered is to become a sort of consultant type of person towards ministries in the church, or to be a temporary background mentor/helper for people who are struggling within their ministry. This falls under the ‘freaky’ God-sized angle of passion for me. I am not really sure why. Perhaps it has to do with me knowing that I don’t have all the answers, and coming up on a problem that I can’t solve, or one that I only know as much as the current leader and therefore are doing no good. I really have no idea, but this is a journey and I am excited, with a little sense of uneasiness, about where I might end up with it.

God has gifted me with an ability to very quickly see improvements to systems that I come across, whether it be ways to streamline the sound-system at church (I ended up offending a seasoned veteran of sound because I came in with a different, but much better, method than he had been using) or ways of streamlining the work-flow at work (although my main ideas that I have presented have had little, if any, serious time given to them outside of my hands [because of conservative thinking I believe]).

I have three letters left in my shape. Perhaps they will show me something new, something that I had not seen before when I went through my shape discovery. Maybe they will end up showing me a new road, a road which I haven’t discovered yet. Time will tell, and it’s up to God to reveal to me the what when his time is right.

Where is your heart? What is your passion? Have you been living your passion? What obstacles are in your way that might be keeping you from living it?



  1. this is very interesting

  2. WOW… amazing… I wish i could have been there for this series… That is wonderful, that’ve found your letter, which helps do things towards the church.. I wish i knew what mine are that way i can work on doing them =(

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