At Least Today Wasn’t Yesterday

February 22, 2007

Ever had a really, really, really bad day?

For me, that day was yesterday (Wednesday). I am not really sure why, but I was in a aggravated mood before going in to work, and then when I got to work, I found out I got to run back and forth between two equally boring tasks. Normally I will be doing three or four tasks at once, but it amounts to being efficient by keeping all the machines running.

These two tasks were more time intensive, and it didn’t help that one task (filling a printer up with paper) had the printer jamming up about every 10-20 minutes.

Today is going much better, since the only task I have right now is the filling of the paper, and the fixing of the paper jams. I am now able to actually sit down (the other task from yesterday filled all but the least fragments of time in a standing position) when the printer is full and running smoothly.

Spring has finally started for me. What this means is that I am generally in a more sour and anti-social mood than normal. This also means that I might not keep up as frequent a blog since I would like my posts to remain somewhat positive and optimistic in theme.

So today is better than yesterday. Tomorrow will hopefully be better than today, and then it’ll be the weekend, which 9 out of 10 times is better than the average week.

Have a great weekend.



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