Admin / Server / Giver: The S in my Shape

February 14, 2007

I recently took part in a mostly church-wide assessment of spiritual gifts. I say mostly because while it was open for everyone, I am sure there were some who, for some reason or another, chose not to participate. This survey told me that of the seven possible gifts that we are born with, I ranked highest in the Administrator category, followed extremely closely by the Server and Giver attributes. In fact, I scored equal to both of these (which were only one point below the Admin) and had to run my scores through the tie-breaker area to distinguish where I stood.

So yes, I am an administrator-server-giver.

Why is this significant to me? I guess this particular spiritual gift assessment and definition process is different than the others that I have come across. Instead of grouping what might seem like a definitive list of spiritual gifts all into one group and then creating a survey, this process takes the spiritual gifts and sorts them into three categories: Motivational Gifts (listed in Romans 12:6-8) that we are born with, Ministry Gifts (listed in Ephesians 4:11) that are roles within the body, and Manifestation/Spiritual Warfare Gifts (listed in 1 Corinthians 12:7-10) that we are given temporarily when we need them.

The survey identifies which Motivational gift we have been given among the following:

The Perceiver (also called prophet in some translations) is the person who sees in black and white. He meets the spiritual needs of the church and helps us keep centered on spiritual principles.

The Server is the person who is always ready to help out with a practical need. He meets the practical needs of the church and he helps keep the ministry moving.

The Teacher is the person who researches into God’s Word. He is the one who will research a passage to make sure it has been used in context and will point out when it isn’t. He meets the mental needs of the church and he helps keep us studying and learning from God’s Word.

The Exhorter is the person who encourages us in personal growth. He meets the psychological needs of the church by helping us apply spiritual truths in a practical manner.

The Giver is the person who shares material assistance and support. He meets the material needs of the church by sharing and providing for specific needs.

The Administrator is the person who gives leadership and direction. He meets the functional needs of the church by helping us stay organized and focused on a vision.

The Compassionate person is the person who provides personal and emotional support for others. He meets the emotional needs of the church and helps us keep the right attitude.

For a more detailed explanation of each motivational gift and the subject, the book “Discover Your God Given Gifts” by Don & Katie Fortune is where I believe most of this information came from (their website is www.thefoundationonline.com), or you could do a search on-line for Spiritual Gift tests and probably pull up a bunch of info.

Have you taken a spiritual gift analysis? If so, what did you score as? Do you agree with the presented spiritual gift break-down?



  1. I scored Administrator-Giver-Exhorter, with the first two being very close. I haven’t dug into it too much yet, but I really like the model of the three kinds of gifts. That makes sense to me.

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