February 13, 2007

Tonight / a.k.a. this morning, I found another blaring example that our society has become somewhat shallow.

While working out at the gym, I decided to watch the club music video channel instead of the normal junk found on tv at 1:30 am.

While in retrospect, this doesn’t really come as a shock to many of you, but I noticed that music today is really shallow. It has even spiralled so low that one of the approximately half a dozen songs I watched contained only one phrase repeated over the whole song: “I believe in you.”

While to some, this might sound like a religious tune, I can assure you that the content of the video said otherwise. The video was basically a somewhat attractive female (the artist no doubt) dancing alone within a circle of lights. The whole video and lyrics sent the message that this was a private dance show for whoever/whatever guy wanted to watch.

I believe in part, that it is this sort of behavior among women that is affecting the number of “men” in the world today. With behavior and media like this, there is not much else in society that screams grow up. There is the pressure to get a degree, finish college, and get a job, but that doesn’t help guys become men holistically. As a college grad who has a full time career, I still feel like there is something off in my life. Maybe it is in part to the culture that I am growing up in; a culture that has so many different angles of conveying the message that I don’t need to grow up beyond graduating and getting a job.

During the night of videos, only one song struck me as being apart from the group, and it came from an unlikely source for some of you: Eminem. The song that played was When I’m Gone, and it is one that I have been familiar with but had never seen the video.

The song speaks of Eminem’s emotional struggle of trying to raise his kids while being emotionally tied up with his music career. In several parts it has dialog between him and his hurting oldest daughter who is upset about him always leaving to do a show or to record or whatever. The video adds to this by displaying the emotion on the face of his daughter, and intensifies the image of his life being somewhat surreal or dreamlike. Both lyrics and video speak loud and clear that if there isn’t some change and soon, then he will loose out on his daughter’s respect for him.

This song stood out sharply among the crowd of shallow and superficial songs that I watched tonight. It speaks out that we as guys need to wake up to our out of work lives and give them some type of focus and time instead of focusing on work and the potential for more money.

Maybe that is a message that more people need to get. I don’t think that it would completely solve the problems of today’s society, but it might be a good start for a ripple effect towards something much better.

What do you think? Do you agree? Is my 3:30 a.m. rant on target or is it way off base?


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