Wow, energy!

July 27, 2007

Hey everyone,

If you didn’t already know, I am on vacation and for the latter part of this week, I have been out at a family reunion in southern Michigan.  Also, for those of you who don’t know, my extended family is pretty large (currently over 100) and we have a little over half of people in attendance.

So, an interesting fact about how the demographics of this week-end are
that there are a seemingly disproportionate amount of young children who all have TOO MUCH ENERGY!!!!  Where does it come from?  They ate the exact same breakfast but for some reason, they are being energized while all of us “adults” are pretty calmly sitting around and conversing.

If you thought the experience was bad with kids running around, here is worse.  Of the 50+ people, I’m sure that 20+ are kids (under 11).  Well I’m sure the parents don’t mind too much because theoretically, if they are all expending their energy now, they won’t have it later.  Is this really the case?

I doubt so, because it seems like these kids could try out for the next energizer commercial and even possibly out-run the rabbit.

Anyways, I’m alive and somewhat mellow during this time of chaos.

Another thing of note, is that one of my uncles was in the hospital in critical condition for the past several days, and we found out this morning that he ended up passing away.

Am I really sad? No.  I wasn’t really very close to him, and I knew his health was real bad, and so it really was a blessing that he was alive this long.  I’m not sure how old he was, but he was up there in years.

Well, I’m signing off.  I should go and be social with people.  Have a great weekend.



Coming Alive

July 10, 2007

Hey everyone,

I’m beginning to feel alive again. I have felt pretty dormant for a while, ever since the last dream of mine got smashed into a bunch of pieces by a few people who I thought were on the same side as I was, but that is history.

Now, I am beginning the preparation phase of a brand new ministry—a ministry I have felt called to in one way or another for a while now—and it isn’t really as much of a “new” ministry, as a refocusing of the ministry dream that bombed a few years ago. Now, after a few years of growth, I have learned what the core of the ministry needs to be, and what the main tools are to accomplish the goal.

It is kinda crazy, cause God just up and showed me all these things within the past six months, after I re-committed to try things His way, as entirely as I know how.

I am beginning to feel alive again, because I see this ministry taking shape, at least conceptually, and it is super exciting. If you want to learn more about it, check out my temporary site for it. The ministry is called “Rebuild Your Church” and it is currently located at rebuildyourchurch.wordpress.com.

The site is pretty basic right now, but I will be expanding it in the near future, as I get more of the specifics ironed out and designed.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns let me know, cause I am interested.


Random Thought For Discussion

July 4, 2007

I had the following idea/thought come to my mind:

In order to make empty or false ideas seem plausible, the devil mixes the idea with truth. Instead of falling into the trap of accepting the idea as is, or the other trap of throwing the idea, and anything that even resembles the idea (including the potential truth) out, we should instead be discerning and extract and keep the truth, while leaving out the error.

What do you think? Is this inspired, erroneous, or does it need to be refined to a purer level of truth?


“Server” no more?

June 28, 2007

Hey Everyone,

I haven’t had much motivation to blog in the past little while (hence the lack of posts), but I will write a quick note that I re-took the personality profile and my second place gift of server dropped to fourth place, and in its place came the category of “Exhorter” or encourager. So that makes my top three gifts Administrator-Exhorter-Giver.

The exhorter is a person who encourages others and is an optimist. He/she is a dreamer usually with big goals, and can generally step back and look at the larger picture. They are also the ones who insist on making scripture practical and applicable to today.

I have also been looking into the spiritual gift materials that this is based from and would love to share it with anyone who is interested. It is really pretty cool in my mind, because it makes sense, whereas all the previous spiritual gift definitions and classifications always seemed a little confusing to me.

I don’t know any other Administrator-Exhorters, but The Experience (the church i attend) has a couple Exhorter-Administrators (one of whom is the pastor).

Anyways, I thought I would share with all of you before I take off from my shift at work.

Have a great rest of your week.


Note: Just because server isn’t as high on my list doesn’t excuse me from helping out in a server role.  In fact I am not really sure if it should be fourth.  I am thinking I may be an odd mix of the four gifts Administrator, Exhorter, Server, and Giver since they all are pretty high.  (Really the only gift I am not is the “Teacher” which is the only one that scored extra low.  All the rest were within 10 points of each other)


Square One Blues

May 31, 2007

So right now I am feeling down.

Several areas of my life are back to square one: My roommates are gone; My life is now falling back into place after being turned upside down, first by having my sewer line collapse, and then by having my back yard dug into a trench to replace it; and the second service has been launched at church and that campaign is over.

My roommates are gone.  Yay, I have my house back to myself, well, after I clean up the mess that they left behind.  I do have consolation that I have some free gifts that they left behind that I probably won’t throw out.  Will I do the roommate thing again? Probably not, but we’ll see how my giver spiritual gift handles that one.

My sewer line has been replaced.  This one is a relief, an aggravation, and a blessing.  This is a relief because I can actually do laundry, dishes, showers, and other normal sewer related activities without worrying about having flooding in my basement.  However, I am aggravated at the plumbing company for leaving things undone (I have a big section of concrete missing from next to my house, my deck/patio is in the middle of my yard, and I am not sure on whether or not they plan on reassembling my fence where they removed it).  But all in all this experience has been a blessing and a learning experience.  I am blessed that I was able to replace my waterline at the same time for a fraction of the cost of if I were to get it done later, and it really needed to be replaced.  Also, directly from this experience, I was able to make some great connections with “curious” neighbors, and I even became pretty decent friends with one of them.

The second service campaign is finished–well I still need to salvage some of the pieces from it.  However, with it concluding, I feel as though I am loosing where I fit in.  Sure I am a good designer and I can design, but I think I am realizing that, like a/v, I don’t enjoy it as much as I thought, but it aggravates me more when it is done badly, and so I find myself doing it (my administrator is clashing with my server).  Perhaps this is a temporary phase, since several simultaneous things are going on right now and in time things will likely smooth out and taper off, however right now, whether it is real or imagined, I feel like I am being belittled out of an opinion because I am at a different, “unacceptable,” stage of life, caught in a black hole between the “college students who must know” and the “experts of 15-20 years who have to know.”  Perhaps this is just an area of hidden pride that I need to resolve and all these reasons for me being pissed off are just a figment of my imagination.  Anyways, I feel like I am loosing my place in the puzzle; that the puzzle is changing to something that I don’t fit into, and it’s bringing me back to square one, for the hundreth time.

To top it all off, I am into my second week of my late night shift.  Hopefully I can get my biological clock set to a new timezone soon.  I’ll be on nights for a while, so once I can get my biological clock moved, I should be a lot happier with life.  It is quite probable that these square one blues are partly due to my lack of quality sleep.

Thanks for reading.  This blog was mainly written to help me clear my thoughts.

Have a great rest of your day.



Taking a break

April 6, 2007

Hey all,

For the next little while, I am going to take a break from blogging.

Currently I don’t have a lot of motivation to keep up with blogging, while I am getting swamped with a few other side projects.

Have a great day!



The ‘P’s in my Shape

March 27, 2007

I just realized that I never finished writing my shape series, so to keep all of you who are following along interested, here are the ‘P’s in my shape.

For most “shape” profiles P has been expanded out as personality. For me I am an introverted guy, who is kinda geeky and a little nerdy. I don’t open up very fast to others and I am very loyal to the close friends who I do make.

However, the P in this sermon series did not stand for personality. It stands for partner, as in finding a ministry to partner with. In defining the areas of ministry, we loosely take the list from the one included in Ephesians 4:11–>apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, & teachers.

Here’s how the list gets broken down and applied to today’s church:

Prophets: Those through whom God speaks. They work in the “Worship” ministry facilitating the experiencing of God both corporately and individually. Some specific areas that are included in this are the music ministry, the audio/visual tech team.

Evangelists: Preachers of the gospel. These folk are invloved in the “Outreach” ministry area and love on people to bring them to Christ. Any area that seeks out people in order to bring them to Christ falls under this area, like community events designed to meet un-churched people, or church events designed to attract people from the community.

Pastors: Shepherds for the community. The task of a shepherd of that day were to watch for and defend against enemies trying to attack the sheep, to heal the wounded and sick sheep, to find and save lost sheep, and to love and share their lives with the sheep. The modern day equivalents are grouped together under “Member Care/Fellowship” ministries. Examples of these include ministries that help guests and regulars feel welcome while at church, and ministries that help the body feel and stay connected with each other.

Teachers: Those who teach others concerning the things of God and the duties of man. This area are those ministries that focus on growing the body. Examples include small group ministries, prayer ministries, and often times mens’ and womens’ ministries.

Apostles are a harder category to modernize, but in a nutshell these are the people who work to start ministries where there are needs and no ministry in place. An organized form of this ministry would be one that focuses on empowering others to live fulfilled lives withing their shape, and/or a ministry that helps connect others to the ministry of their calling.

Of the areas of ministry included above, I feel most called towards the “hard to define” apostle category. When looking at my administrator/server/giver spiritual gift, it makes sense (at least in my mind) that I would be very well suited to the apostle area. Currently, I am helping out or spearheading several different pretty unrelated areas in the Experience.

In my mind, the areas that I am spearheading, one of which is trying to get the sermons back online and available for download, are areas that I would ideally pass on to someone else once I get all the kinks worked out and a system in place. I know not everyone is up for the challenge of starting something, but if given the opportunity to keep an area going, some might view that as being more appealing.

What is your calling? What ministry do you lean towards?